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    Amative gender, or sentiogender, is an umbrella term for any genders that are not necessarily a gender on their own, but rather a descriptor for how one experiences their gender. Amative genders do not describe how they are (or are not) related to masculinity, femininity, neutrality, etc, or any other xenic concepts or feeling that one’s feels when experiencing this gender. For example, condigender is a gender that is only felt under specific circumstances. Condigender does not specify what the gender is, only how the gender is experienced.

    One of the most common amative genders is genderflux, which describes a gender that fluctuates in intensity, but does not describe exactly what genders is fluctuating. Another example is bigender, which describes someone who has two genders, but it does not say what those two genders are. Other examples include demigender, frictogender, absorgender, and all aerogenders.

    Amative genders are opposed to affiliative genders. Amative genders are commonly used in conjunction with affiliative genders to describe the gender itself rather than just how it’s experienced. For example, someone someone might be a condigirl, meaning they're a girl under certain circumstances. These modified genders can be considered partial amative genders.

    It can be thought of as the gender analog to amative orientations.


    Sentiogender was coined on September 21, 2019 by Tumblr user Momma-MOGAI-Sphinx.[1] On August 25, 2020 the same concept was independently coined by Chaoticcylinder (gendertherapist) under the name amative genders.[2]


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