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    The Aliudic flag
    The alternate version of the original Aliudic flag

    Aliudic or Aliudgender is a xenogender centered around a feeling of non-human-ness that can only be described as “other” or angelic. Often, individuals who are aliudic may not be able to explain their gender and may even fall under the agender spectrum.

    One who is aliudic may simply feel disconnected from “human” genders, or may heavily identify with or want to incorporate angels into their lives. Any identity can co-exist with being Aliduic and can be experienced in varying levels of intensity.

    One who identifies as aliudic may refer to themselves as other-worldly or feel gender in an unexplainable way, along with feeling as they are nonhuman. They may also identify as an angel or relating angel subtypes. Religion is unimportant to this identity.

    This gender was originally made with nonhuman neurodivergent individuals in mind but may be used by anyone who is not neurotypical and feels as if this label fits them. Those who are nonhuman or have headmates may use it as well. It is exclusive to these identity groups and may not be used by neurotypicals, those who are not nonhuman, or those without systems.


    Aliudic comes from the gender-neutral version of the Latin word “alius” meaning “other,” “else,” and/or “different.”


    Aliudic was coined by wiki user 8ight on April 29th, 2021.


    The aliudic flag was created on April 29th of 2021 by wiki user e8ight. Peach stands for feminine alignment, light orange for acceptance, soft yellow for the relation to otherworldly beings, white for disconnection from gender, sand for masculine alignment and orange for xenogender solidarity.

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