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    The Alibinary System (AS) is a system of terms used to describe how different non-binary people have different relationships to the gender binary. Since binary genders are considered to be the norm in most Western societies, the gender binary has an affect on how non-binary people experience exorsexism, dysphoria, erasure, and other experiences.

    This system is not based on what gender identity someone is, rather it's based on what issues one is affected by. For example, one solarian may identify as ideobinary, while other may identify a viabinary. Some people may fit and identify as multiple terms. Some non-binary people do not use the alibinary system at all.

    The terms were originally created in order to talk about specific issues that certain non-binary people face. The alibinary system and the terms in it are not meant to be an identity on their own. When talking about one should say “people who use the alibinary system”, not “alibinary people”.


    • Viabinary: Those who have an experience similar to a binary gender, while not being 100% that binary gender.
    • Mesobinary: Those who have an experience of both binary genders, in between binary genders.
    • Ideobinary: Those who experience have an experience of masculinity or femininity but their experience is not similar to either binary gender.
    • Exobinary: Those who have an experience that is completely independent of binary genders.
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