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    The cancegender flag.
    An alternate cancegender flag.
    Another cancegender flag

    Cancegender, also known as agenderfluid, is a fluid gender identity that is mainly agender but can experience fluctuating or fluid feelings of gender correlating with one's emotions. These feelings can be deeply upsetting to the individual experiencing them and can make their emotional state unstable, which can cause gender changes, though it typically returns to agender.

    Cancegender can also be a zodiacgender based on the constellation Cancer.


    Cancegender was coined on or before August 8, 2014[1] by Tumblr user pleurocarpous via MOGAI-Archive.


    The first flag was created on August 18, 2015, by Pride-Flags on DeviantArt.[2] It has no known meaning.

    The second flag was created on August 25, 2015, by Pride-Flags on DeviantArt.[3] It has no confirmed meaning.

    The third flag was created on May 17th, 2021 by FANDOM users PhysicsAndPuns and Fruitindividual. The charge in the center is the symbol for the Zodiac of Cancer, ♋️. The colour choice of the bars represents agender identity. The fluidity of the bars represents genderfluidity and that Cancer is a water sign. The center bar represents stable agender identity, the bottom bar represents instability, and the top bar represents the feelings that a cancegender individual has that may trigger said instability.


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