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    The acorsexual flag.
    Alternative Acosexual flag

    Acorsexual or acosexual is an identity on the asexual spectrum that refers to someone who experiences sexual attraction that one wants to act on, but at the same time has a strong aversion to engaging in it due to bad experiences, apprehension, or other misgivings about being involved in sexual relationships or sexual activity, etc.

    The alternate acorsexual flag.

    Acorsexual can be combined with other identities, for example, acorbisexual. An acorsexual individual might not identify as asexual, or ace-spec, however acorsexual is considered an ace-spec identity because one does not experience sexual attraction in the "correct" way as deemed by society.

    Acorsexual is typically used by individuals with PTSD or other trauma involving sexual experiences. It can also be used by neurodivergent or disabled individuals whose neurodivergence or disability could cause apprehension about acting on one's sexual attraction. However, the term is not exclusive to these groups.

    The romantic counterpart is acoromantic.

    an alternate acorsexual flag


    The colour meanings for the flag are as follows: Red represents sexuality. Black represents why you cannot be involved in sexual things (hence the cross). Pink shows the possibility of less sexual attraction (that is still there). The red outline shows that full attraction may still remain.

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