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    The ATR-16 Syndrome flag.

    ATR-16 Syndrome is a syndrome that - in some cases - may be considered an intersex variation, although many would say it causes intersex traits rather than being one in of itself. It effects both CTM and CTF individuals alike. It is unknown how common it is.[1]

    This condition can cause a undescended testicles and/or hypospadias in CTM individuals, while it can cause vaginal abnormalities (such as the fusion of the vaginal lips) in CTF individuals.

    This syndrome often comes with mental defects that cause a lack of development in speech and motor skills. It also often comes with a unique physical features and conditions, such skinfolds on the eyes, arched eyebrows, small nostrils, slanted-down eyes, widely spaced eyes, long eyelashes, usually shaped/positioned ears, a naevus flammeus birthmark, an unusually small head, a small neck, and/or hand and feet anomalies.

    Harmful medical conditions that may come along with this syndrome include heart conditions, an underdeveloped lung, urinary tract infections, a cavity within the spinal cord, and seizures.

    Some of the symptoms above may cause one with this variation to be classified as physically disabled.

    Some with this syndrome also have Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome.


    This syndrome is caused by a genetic deletion within specific genes in chromosome 16. This deletion causes one of three segments of genes to be terminated, and the surviving two genes latch onto one another, causing genetic abnormalities.[2]


    The ATR-16 Syndrome flag was coined by Reign of the breadsticcs on May 7th of 2021. It has no confirmed meaning.[3]


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