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    A-migdari flag
    Alternative A-migdari flag

    A-migdari (א-מגדרי) is a label that is akin to non-binary, but with a closer tie to Judaism. It was inspired by the six Judaic genders/sexes: Zachar, Nekeivah, Ay'lonit, Saris, Androgynos, and Tumtum.

    A-migdari is a cultural exclusive gender for individuals who are Jewish and under the non-binary umbrella. Anyone that is Jewish may use it if they feel it fits their experience.


    The term was coined by Tumblr user Thatvelvetcowboy in 2021 as a way for non-binary Jews to feel closer to their cultural identity and their gender, or lack thereof.

    The coiner stated the following: "...I don’t want it to be seen as a new gender, just another word for [non-binary] but more culturally significant and [representative] of Jewish interpretations of gender. [Similar] to the labels we have for the [six] genders of the Talmud, (though those are important to the intersex community and more accurately portrays their relationship with sex) it’s just another option for nonbinary Jews..."


    The flag was coined on February 28th of 2021 by Thatvelvetcowboy on Tumblr. Dark grey represents the sky, heaven; light grey also represents the sky; white (similar to the transgender flag) represents having a gender that is not binary, (or no gender at all,) as well as representing Judaism's complicated view of gender (and how some interpretations say that even Hashem cannot be defined by humanity's view of gender; green represents the trees of the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve were placed; blue represents the water of Eden.

    An alternative flag was coined by Tumblr user 2spoonsofsugar on March 5th of 2021. Blue represents Tekhelet and one part of the binary; white represents the Divine and being outside of the binary; purple represents pomegranates and the other part of the binary.


    "A-migdari" is transliterated from "א-מגדרי," which is a Hebrew translation of "non-binary".





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