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    4changender is a xenogender and technogender in which someone feels that their gender is closely connected with the online message board "4chan", feels that 4chan affects their gender in some way, or simply wants to incorporate 4chan into their identity.

    4changender individuals may have a connection to the internet, imageboards, greentexts, meme culture, meme magic, anonymity, autism, Pepe, frogs, freedom of speech, the online community of 4chan, and the website of 4chan as a whole.

    Depending on the individual and how they use 4chan, they may also have a connection to a variety of topics such as anime, the paranormal, politics, video games, traditional games, My Little Pony, origami, travel, business, or any other topics on 4chan.

    Related terms may include webcoric, froggender, memegender, and autigender.

    Other website-related genders include tumblrgender, redditgender, and twitchgender, and an individual could coin a gender for any website or online community that is important to their identity in some way.


    FANDOM user Pumpkinholic coined 4changender in early 2021. In July 2023, Miraheze user Anon111 reworked and elaborated on the page.


    While 4changender is intended to be used genuinely, some claim the identity was made to mock the LGBTQ+ community. 4changender is also controversial due to the bigoted nature of some 4chan users. 4chan is notorious for hosting bigoted ideas, projects, and events.

    However, 4chan is made up of various "boards," which are similar to subreddits in a way. Each board has its own unique community within the website. While /b/ and /pol/ are the most infamous boards, there are others, such as /a/ for anime, /x/ for the paranormal, and /lgbt/ for LGBTQIA people.

    So, while the website is most infamous for its controversial content, not everyone who uses 4chan is homophobic. Many queer people choose to visit 4chan due to the anonymity and the general feel of the community, among other reasons.

    4changender is not to be confused with clovergender, which was created by a user on the board /pol/. It was initially meant as a joke to troll people by making a fake gender for pedophiles, but the term has since been reclaimed.

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